08 Animal

1st. Mary Schwalm / Freelance

A squirrel interacts with a cardboard cutout of a dinosaur staked in a North Andover, Massachusetts front yard.

2nd. Spenser Hasak / The Daily Item

Cheerio the duck poses for a portrait after being named NahantÕs ÒpersonÓ of the year for 2020.

3rd. John Tlumacki / The Boston Globe

Boston-05/16/2020-A brazen male hawk which makes it’s home on a Beacon Hill rooftop next to the Massachusetts State House, pursued a squirrel in the bushes on the front lawn of the State House Saturday morning. The squirrel ran through the front wrought iron gate, which caused the hawk to fly into it, and then fly away through the railing in pursuit. The squirrel got away.

HM1. Lauren Owens Lambert / Freelance

Susanna Tuffy, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator from Duxbury Massachusetts, feeds a baby squirrel from inside her bathroom window in June of 2020. The squirrel was brought to her by the Plymouth Animal Control when he was about 4 weeks old. The squirrel will be weaned off of formula, socialized with other squirrels, then released. Because the wildlife centers are down to a small skeleton crew, Tuffy is seeing exponential increase in calls. “The licensed rehabilitators are already filling up, we need more of them,” Tuffy says. She continues, “I have also noticed that more regular people are wanting to help and are on the lookout for animals.” Tuffy can care for around 60 animals a year out of her home.

HM2. Joseph Prezioso / Agence France-Presse

Joseph Krochmal, Marine Mammal Trainer, brushes the teeth of a seal at the New England Aquarium in Boston, Massachusetts on April, 7, 2020. The aquarium is closed to the public, and although they are not making any money through ticket sales, still have to feed and care for the animals they have on sites during this pandemic. They are also not allowing any volunteers or visitors inside the main property building.

HM3. John Tlumacki / The Boston Globe

South Boston- 02/29/20 Sullivan’s on Castle Island opened Saturday for the season, as the cold weather didn’t keep people away from the Southie landmark that opened in 1951. Carol McGinn from Brockton fed one of her French fries to a seagull from the passenger seat of a car.