The Boston Press Photographers Association is an organization dedicated to the pursuit, practice and advancement of journalism through the language of photography. We are intent on bearing witness to our mission of nurturing the spirit of a free and open market place of thought and ideas.

In a world defined by the expression of countless points of view we value the expression of all views through critical evaluation and consideration of what we, as individual reporters, observe and investigate. We pledge to bear witness to the stories we cover with a clear eye toward understanding while realizing the fallacy of Non- empirical beliefs.

There is no one right or one wrong belief. Human endeavor is a multifaceted experience existing in the expanse between truth and falsehood. Life, as in a photograph itself, is lived in the grey areas between black and white and with the realization that there exists no one correct or incorrect set of values.

The beauty of journalism practiced under the freedom of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution is the recognition that human perspective differs. We also realize people’s perspectives may change according to individual experiences and the fashion of their times. Differing perspectives should and must be reported upon to insure the preservation of everyone’s liberty.

Members of the Boston Press Photographers Association pledge to practice journalism with an open mind and a clear eyed understanding of the methodology of American journalism while not conflating media with journalism.

The Boston Press Photographers Association represents photographers from all six New England States.

Member-Approved 2013 Bylaws

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Brian Snyder

Vice President

Angela Rowlings


Amy Sweeney


M. Scott Brauer


CJ Gunther


Bob Howard


Chair of the Board

Jessica Rinaldi
The Boston Globe


Rose Lincoln
freelance/Harvard University


Faith Ninivaggi


Amanda Sabga


Meredith Nierman


Bill Greene
The Boston Globe


Stephan Savoia
Associated Press