07 Pictorial

1st. Erin Clark / The Boston Globe

BOSTON, MA – 5/14/2020: A man carries a pizza through the evening sunlight on Thursday in the financial district. Downtown Boston has remained eerily quiet as people remain in their homes or stay socially distanced during the coronavirus pandemic.

2nd. Debee Tlumacki / Freelance

Roxbury, Maine 08/01/2020- An island in Roxbury Pond is enveloped in early morning fog as two men in boat pass by.

3rd. Mark Garfinkel / NBC 10 Boston

The Colby Farms annual sunflower field is in full bloom today, as new social distance rules at the Newbury farm go into effect.

HM1. John Tlumacki / The Boston Globe

Boston-10/29/20 The Massachusetts State House is mirrored in raindrops on a car window parked on Beacon Street during heavy rain Thursday afternoon.

HM2. Erin Clark / The Boston Globe

SALEM, MA – 10/31/2020 Daniel Payne, dressed as Pennywise, poses for photos while walking along the Essex Street Pedestrian Mall on Saturday afternoon. Crowds of people swarmed Salem on Halloween, despite Governor Baker urging Halloween goers to not visit during the month of October.

HM3. John Tlumacki / The Boston Globe

Carver 10/01/20 Luis Canales from New Bedford rakes cranberries into a large suction hose in the water after they are corraled into a circle at the Edgewood Bogs in Carver. This year has been different harvesting the berries since the company started 75 years ago. “COVID has affected us this time of year when it’s difficult for the workers to stay six feet apart.” said Jarrod Rhodes, the son of owner Matt Rhodes. His hard-working employees are all Puerto Ricans immigrants who commute from New Bedford.