10 News Picture Story

1st. Brian Snyder, Reuters

SUMMARY: U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren announced her potential candidacy on the final day of 2018. A year later, the race for the Democratic nomination remains fluid, with a majority of voters telling pollsters that they have yet to settle on a final choice. The nominating contests in Iowa and New Hampshire in early February will be critical tests of candidates’ viability.

2nd. Elizabeth Frantz, Freelance

SUMMARY: While not all simultaneously, in 2019 more than 30 people Ð both Republicans and Democrats Ð were running for president of the United States. Most of those candidates dropped out before the polls even opened, but not before coming to New Hampshire to make their case to voters in the First in the Nation Primary. A look at some of those candidates and their campaigns.

3rd. Brian Snyder, Reuters

On January 3, Deb Haaland was sworn-in as a freshman lawmaker in the most diverse U.S. House of Representatives class in history.

Honorable Mention. Alyssa Stone, The Enterprise of Brockton

The Brockton Fire Academy is 13 weeks of 8 1/2-hour days, five days a week with no downtime. Some come from military backgrounds, many have firefighters, paramedics or other public safety officials in their immediate families, but they all, in the end, hope to share a common distinction being firefighters.