01 Spot News

1st. Mark Stockwell, The Sun Chronicle

A suicidal male who fled Fuller Hospital in South Attleboro, Mass. was talked off the ledge at South Attleboro Square, next door to the hospital, by Attleboro Police Officer Jeff Peavey Feb. 14, 2019. The fire dept. responded with a ladder truck and ambulance.

2nd. John Tlumacki, The Boston Globe

A man was rescued from the Reserved Channel in South Boston Friday morning after he fell from a wall into the water. The Boston Police Marine Unit threw him a life preserver, and after 20 minutes, the Boston Police Marine unit was able to pull him into their boat.

3rd. Marc Vasconcellos, The Brockton Enterprise

The suspect Manuel Vidal, 45, of Bridgeport, CT was pulled over by Randolph police for a motor vehicle violation stop at 1:33 a.m. that started the pursuit through numerous towns on Tuesday, August 27, 2019. The chase ended in the parking lot of Hardy Catering in West Bridgewater, as the vehicle spun out of control drove directly into a police cruiser as an officer was getting out. Police Tasered Mr. Vidal and placed him into custody, his face was bloody from the broken windshield glass.

Honorable Mention 1. Mark Stockwell, The Sun Chronicle

Several people, including children, had to be evaluated for unspecified injuries after their vehicles and a tractor-trailer were involved in an accident on I-295 North in North Attleboro, Mass. July 12, 2019. Six ambulances responded to the scene. The families were on the way to a funeral for another family member.

Honorable Mention 2. Marc Vasconcellos, The Brockton Enterprise

The driver of an SUV who struck an 8-year-old boy on Manomet Street in Brockton on Tuesday April, 30, 2019, apologizes to the kids father.The victim suffered road rash injuries and swelling to his face.