08 Animal

1. Charlie Krupa / The Associated Press

A Snowy Owl flies away after being released along the shore of Duxbury Beach in Duxbury, Mass. The owl is one of 14 trapped so far this winter at Boston’s Logan Airport and moved to the beach on Cape Cod Bay.

2. Mark Garfinkel / The Boston Herald

1/6/2017-Boston,MA Birds on a wire greet an incoming arrival to Boston’s Logan airport.

3. Debee Tlumacki / Freelance

Pembroke-05/17/2017- Two cub foxes play with each other near the entrance to their den under the Pembroke Friends Meeting House. The mother fox had six cubs that are now estimated to be 8-10 weeks old.

HM 1. John Tlumacki / The Boston Globe

Pembroke-04/02/2017- A frog dangles from the mouth of a hawk as it sits in a tree after swooping down to retrieve the critter from a vernal pool in a Pembroke yard.

HM 2. CJ Gunther / European Pressphoto Agency

Longtails fly over the waters off of Southampton, Bermuda, {exifDateDD} {exifMonth} {exifDateYYYY}. Bermuda is a 20.5 square miles (53.2 square km) British Overseas Territory, that lies 665 miles (1070km) east-southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, USA, and was discovered by the Spanish sea captain Juan de Bermudez in 1503. Bermuda’s main economy is primarily made up of insurance and tourism.

HM 3. Suzanne Kreiter / The Boston Globe

Squirrels are a thing in the Boston Common these days. They are fat, lazy and overly socialized. If you have food they will take it out of your hands without permission. If they are hot, they will flatten out on the cool pavement in the middle of the sidewalk and make you step around them, and making you apologize to them.