10 News Picture Story

1. Jessica Rinaldi / Boston Globe

In Rural Jamaica, Dentists Tend to the Poor – SUMMARY: Dental students from Tufts University and the University of Michigan set up shop in crossroads towns and rain-forest villages, bringing relief to thousands of Jamaicans who otherwise would suffer unattended. Along the way, the students learned hard lessons in emergency dentistry – one after another – that cannot be replicated in a Boston classroom.

2. Brian Snyder / Reuters

Memorial for Senator McCain in his home state – SUMMARY: U.S. Senator John McCain, a former prisoner of war in Vietnam who ran for president in 2008 as a maverick Republican and became a prominent critic of President Donald Trump, died August 25, 2018.

3. Jessica Rinaldi / Boston Globe

Columbia Gas Disaster – SUMMARY: On September 13th Hundreds of firefighters and other emergency workers responded to as many as 80 fires and explosions across the Merrimack Valley, a wave of chaos that left one man dead and at least 25 others injured, destroyed dozens of properties, and forced thousands of residents out of their homes. Federal investigators determined that Columbia Gas failed to relocate an underground pressure sensor from an abandoned pipe during construction work in Lawrence triggering a gush of gas into the local network that erupted into explosions and fires that rocked the Merrimack Valley.

HM. Brian Snyder / Reuters

Volunteer Search and Rescue, Hurricane Michael – SUMMARY: In the first 11 days following Hurricane Michael, CrowdSource teams, including 50 Star Search and Rescue, succeeded in locating more than 2,800 people initially unaccounted for – all found alive – and turned over about 30 unresolved cases to local authorities. The groups served some 4,500 meals to survivors in one weekend.