07 Pictorial

1. Winslow Townson / Freelance

Umbrellas are seen reflecting in a puddle in Dublin, Ireland.

2. Mark Garfinkel / NBC 10

The rising Crescent moon is framed by the colorful construction crane at One Dalton, Boston’s newest high-rise.

3. Mark Garfinkel / Freelance

A thunderstorm over Cape Cod is scene many miles away, in Winthrop,MA.

HM 1. Jessica Rinaldi / Boston Globe

A portrait of Sheila Catherine Beirne who passed away in 2013 hangs above the kitchen table at the Beirne home, she was one of 11 children in the family. Sheila Beirne died at age 6, her name forever enshrined in the roll call of children her parents unfailingly maintain, in which she is known today as ÒSheila, 11, in heaven.ÕÕ

HM 2. Nicolaus Czarnecki / Boston Herald

Kelsey Polikowski shovels out her car in South Boston on January 5, 2018.