04 Portrait

1. Matthew Eadie/Boston University

Frank Lenardis, 49, smokes one of several cigarettes on the day while aboard his fishing partner’s lobster boat. Lenardis helps out his long-time fishing partner on weekends on the boat, earning $1 for every 60-pound lobster trap he helps pull out of the water. Oct. 28, 2023.

2. Leanna Puccio/Endicott College

Umass Lowell Men’s Basketball senior Quinton Mincey dribbles the ball during a portrait at sunset in front of a Mill in Lowell, Massachusetts on December 6, 2023

3. Taylor Coester/Boston University

Alexa Quintero, a senior at Boston University with a genetic connective tissue disorder, looks at her stomach port in the reflection of a window at the BU Center for Computing and Data Sciences (CDS) in Boston, Massachusetts on Feb. 17, 2024. Quintero is in remission from MALS following a surgery this winter, but continues to struggle with SMAS and intestinal dysmotility.

HM. Taylor Coester/Boston University

Dee Dee Daray touches up her makeup in the backroom bar of Carrie Nation Restaurant & Cocktail Club in Boston, Massachusetts as she gets ready to perform during a drag brunch on March 3, 2024. She has been performing at the drag brunch for eight years.