04 Portrait

1st. Taylor Coester / Boston University

Avery Pelosi, member of Project 31 dance company and Dance Theatre Group, dances in Boston University Fitness & Recreation Center’s Dance Theater on Monday morning Feb. 7.

2nd. Ben Braun / RIT

Joe Libran poses with his custom wrapped Suzuki on Sept. 29, 2021, at Cobb’s Hill in Rochester, N.Y. Libran was inspired by the chrome-wrapped cars he saw in Miami.

3rd. Ryan Atkins / Endicott College

Endicott College freshmen cross country runner Cooper Downey poses for his media day pictures with a Captain America shield and LED lights on August 25th, 2021 at Endicott College.

HM. Maya Giron / RIT

Donna Hodgins, 64, right, and Abijah Hodgins-James, 8, pose for a portrait in their home on South Plymouth Ave., in Rochester, N.Y., on Feb. 4, 2022. Donna has lived in the same house located in the Plymouth-Exchange area neighborhood, or PLEX, for over 55 years and has seen the neighborhood change drastically over the years. “When I was a child though, it was just, it was a good neighborhood,” said Donna. “…You could hear the laughter and the joy. When springtime came, you knew it was springtime because that’s all you heard, were children…And there’s just something nurturing about having those babies, those voices, in the air. You have nothing now. It’s dead silence. The death of a community.”

HM. Maggie Wen / Boston University

Swing in front of the film camera in her kitchen located in the Hutong of Beijing during July 2021.