This is the new BPPA Board of Directors through 2015:
Angela Rowlings
Brian Snyder
Jessica Rinaldi
Jim Mahoney
John Tlumacki
Peter Southwick
and Rick Friedman as immediate past president

There was a tie in the balloting, but rather than calling for a tie breaker election, current chairman Bob Howard
graciously removed himself from the ballot “to make room for some young blood”, as he put it.
Bob will continue on as chair of the awards dinner and as the life blood of the association.

We thank Michael Maloney and Richard Chase for putting themselves out there for election and all their years of service to the BPPA.

No surprises on the officer side of the election results:

President: Bill Greene
VP: Stephan Savoia
Secretary: Dominick Reuter
Treasurer: Neal Hamberg
Marshal: George Riley

We thank outgoing secretary Reba Saldanha and hope she re-joins us when the babies are a little older.

The new board will convene soon to plan a new year of programming.